Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Bigger Picture

Aren't you glad God sees the whole picture.  He not only has a glimpse of our little family, our little world, but a great big world full of his children whom he loves.  His plans for us include those others too!  As His creation we are intertwined with one another.  Sometimes I get so caught up in my little world, I forget to see the bigger picture.

It would be so much easier if we had all the money we needed without having to fund raise or ask for help.  It would be a lot less headache if we could handle the responsibility all on our own.  It would be a lot simpler if we could juggle the kids, the house, the paperwork, the travel without relying on others.

The problem with this picture is that it doesn't include God or others.  There is a bigger picture........

  • What if through this whole thing we grow closer to God
  • What if we learn to trust more
  • What if our marriage is tested and strengthened
  • What if we grow closer to our family
  • What if the church is able to work together as the Body of Christ
  • What if one other family is led to adopt
  • What if one neighbor excepts Christ through a witness
  • What if one less orphan has to live without a family
  • What if one adoption brings glory to God
  • What if................

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