Thursday, March 22, 2012

Perfect Peace: When Plans Change

It feels fantastic to be sure of what God is saying and how he is leading you even if it is a tough road; and then the plans change.  You begin to question everything you have ever thought you heard God speak in your life!   Sometimes His perfect peace means trusting each step you are shown even when it is a new direction.

We are nearing the completion of our homestudy, praise be to God for this milestone.  We are one step closer to bringing home our child.  Through this process we have learned that sometimes plans change and even when they do, God can bring enormous peace!

Our hearts were drawn to a little girl with a difficult past and I can only believe that God revealed her to us for a reason.  I thought the plan was for us to be her Mom and Dad.  We began to prepare our home for the arrival of a girl, a big transition for a family with 3 little boys.  And so we continued with the homestudy and the paperwork, but during one of our interviews we found out the plan was changing.  We would not be getting a referral for her. Our family was not a "good match" for her special needs.  What on earth was God saying?  After our social worker left we pondered these things, we looked back at all the steps we had taken thus far and wondered "now what?"  We thought back to all the children we had seen on the waiting list and Reeces Rainbow and wondered what the new plan was.

Many of you are praying for this little girl and we ask you to continue to do so as her family has still not found her.  Continue to pray that God heal her and that he fulfill his promise to bring "beauty to ashes", in this we have great peace.  What comfort there is in knowing even though we are not her parents, maybe her family is one step closer to finding her now.

When you look back at the journey that God has laid out for you, there is perfect peace in knowing God reveals things in the right time as well.  He is never late as we perceive time, but precisely on time.

So standing in our kitchen that day, thinking about "the list" and watching our boys run around like mad men, the answer came.  It was like waking up and suddenly it was all clear; a boy.  Not two weeks early neither one of us was open to that idea, but God knew.  His timing is perfect and He knows us so well.  We were ready to except the plan he had laid out.  We didn't need to know why it had twists and turns, we just had to hold on tight to His promise of perfect peace!


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