Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In the quiet

I wish that I had seen this while we were waiting for our referral.  I begged God to speak, to say something...anything!  I could not bare the quiet another moment.  Though I knew he was still with me, I needed to hear his voice to calm my anxious heart and give peace to my troubled mind.  And yet he remained silent.  It was dreadful.  But how beautiful was his voice the moment we heard.  We could not doubt it was him, we could not question for a moment that it was his plan. 

Within days of finally accepting that it could be another month before a decision might be made, we got an email.  Ironically after checking my email obsessivley day in and day out, word came while we were in DC getting our biometric fingerprints done.  We made it a family day and even went to the National Zoo.  What a wonderful day it was!  I was ok with the waiting.  Life had to continue on even in the quiet and the not knowing.

So when we arrived home I sat at the computer, curious about the days events on Facebook and what might be in my email today and to my surprise an email had come from our social worker.  We had a referral! 

Praise be to God for the way he works on us, to soften our hearts and for the timing of his plans!

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