Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just a Moment

Well we loaded up our camper and took off down the road to the state park.  It is just a beautiful day!  Though I don’t know what tomorrow holds, today has been amazing.  I stood down at the lake, next to the little metal choo-choo and watched the kids run around, the sun shining and the wind blowing on my face and I could have cried.  I have felt so anxious and stressed that to feel that free was almost enough to bring tears to my eyes.  I wish you could have stood at my side friend, left your anxieties and problems at home and enjoyed the goodness of God’s glory in a much needed peaceful escape.  I don’t have to decide which home school curriculum to use next year or frantically check my email as we wait for word of our referral.  I can just enjoy my children playing, something I have not done in longer than I want to admit.

Thank you God for this moment, for your grace and your goodness that have made me feel whole again.  Thank you!

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