Friday, June 29, 2012

Not So Random

The days are heating up and the time is flying by!  We thought that any day we would be recieving our court documents to sign and have authenticated, but still no delivery.  From what I understand that is just the way things work over there.  I am ok with that for now.  We are busy wrapping up our school year, Chris can almost see the finish line for his degree and I am taking this time to learn sign  (ASL).

Did I tell you the little guy we are adopting is deaf?  Though he can speak and does wear hearing aids, according to our pediatrician who looked over his file, he does have a significant hearing loss.  Ty seems to be the most excited about learning sign.  He has been practicing with me and watching all the videos I've gotten.  Children are like sponges!  Oh Lord please let me learn it just as quickly! 

My mom would be so thrilled to know we are learning sign.  When I was little she studied at Fort Wayne to be a Sign Language Interpreter.  It is kind of like God has been planting these little seeds all along the way........could he have a plan? *GASP*  Turns out nothing is random.....just in case you were wondering!

I imagine all the possibilies for our son.  I see him shining bright like the fireworks on the 4th of July!

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