Thursday, August 30, 2012

This One's for You!

This post is in honor of my mom who would have been celebrating her 52nd birthday today. 
My mom and Ty visiting me at the hospital after the birth of Levi.
She would be so excited about our adoption.  She was once an orphan in our foster care system who was welcomed into a loving family and also a biological mother who made that difficult yet brave choice of adoption for her infant son. 

In the last few weeks of her life she spent some time at our house and I clearly remember one conversation about adoption.  I shared with her some of my fears and apprehensions, yet my strong desire to adopt.  She lovingly reassured me of the great blessing it would be and that God would give us the strength to do it.

Her greatest joy in life was being a "Granny".  She didn't care how old that made her sound or look.  Even when it seemed like nothing else was going right, she had that joy to hold onto.  And though I miss her, I am glad that she is no longer in pain physically or mentally.  One day it will be a joyous reunion in heaven with much celebrating!  This one's for you mom!

Mom and Baby Levi

Mom and Me on my wedding day

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