Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No Place Like Home

Last night we had a wonderful Skype visit with "Walter".  He sang "Happy Birthday" to Ty in Mandarin, he read to us and even read through the entire English alphabet.  He is such a bright, sweet boy with a smile that melts my heart and clearly the hearts of his caregivers.

He is very excited and eager for us to come and get him, but is a little confused about the coming home part.  "Walter" seems to think that we are coming and will live with him in Taiwan!  This is the only home he has ever known.  The caretakers ARE his family.  Please pray that God prepare him for coming home and that God heal his heart for those he will surely miss.  I hope to keep in contact with at least a few of the ladies there, to share updates, photos and the reassuring message of the hope we have in Jesus. 

We continue to pray for God's timing and provision.  It seems that our recent rush and possible early travel is not going to happen.  We are back to our original time frame of traveling possibly around December.  Though I long to have "Walter" home, I trust God's timing.  He has brought us thus far, step by step leading the way.

As the daughter of a Pastor, moving from place to place, I never had a specific place to call my hometown.  However, we made each place HOME because we were together.  Now this may sound corny or cliche, but it is true!  This may be the strangest place "Walter" has ever been, but it will be home and we will be a family!

Thank you to so many of you who are helping to make that happen!  We praise God for the wonderful blessing that you are to our family through your support of donations, love and prayers.  

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