Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quiet Places

I went in my room today, closed the door, knelt beside my bed and wept before my Heavenly Father.  I cried till I could not find another tear.  My burden too great and the tasks too large to accomplish.  It seems as if there is no end in sight and my strength is gone.  "Please God take it away."  "Let me run and be free."  I prayed with all my might.  I can still hear the baby crying out in the hall and see the endless lists of duties running faster and faster.  "God please send mercy and relief."

Slowly the tears end and my breathing is under control.  Nothing has changed, the baby still crying, things still to do, yet my burden is lighter.  Lighter because I gave it to the Lord to help me carry it.  I still feel like I might break under the pressure, but that voice, that peace that comes only from God says, "I am enough, I am there, I will see you through this." 

Let there be hope Lord for all those who hurt, who are burdened, for those who grieve, for those who have no hope.  Bring relief.  Bring peace.  Show mercy.  Love them.

Be light and life for someone today who needs to see Jesus.  

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