Thursday, September 13, 2012

Simple Prayers

Growing up we had a common table prayer that was said at most meals and was also the common prayer said at church before eating. 

Come Lord Jesus,
Be our guest
Let these gifts to us be blessed

This continues to be one of the prayers we use before meal times.  Well, Levi, our middle son, has recently taken responsibility of being the prayer leader.  One day I think he was especially hungry and not wanting to wait for everyone to be ready so he just starts praying.  He hasn't quite gotten the whole thing down, but his heart is in it!

Today at breakfast he again asks to do the prayer.  It went like this:

Come Lord Jesus,
Be our guest

All I could think was that needs to be my prayer everyday!  When the words won't come out right or I just don't even know where to begin, it all starts with that simple prayer, "Come Lord Jesus!"

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