Monday, October 15, 2012

Blurry Vision

Through teary eyes tonight I said good-bye to my son, promising to see him soon.  Oh how I pray I can keep that promise!  Our Skype visit was much more emotional than the previous ones.  He knows that we are coming.  He sees us and Mommy and Daddy.  He continues to ask when he is coming home. 

Even without a final decree yet signed or travel plans made I can look at that little boy across the world through the camera and say he is my son!  It was so hard to see him crying.  I want to be the one rubbing his back to comfort him and to wipe those tears, but I am blessed to know he does have the kind of caregiver who will do those things.  She spoke words of comfort and encouragement and though He is unseen, my son has a heavenly father sending His Holy Spirit to comfort and give peace.

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  1. God will bring him peace! Sweet tears of a longing that God and you can fulfill for him. I am so thrilled that he can see you and we will be praying for finalization! lv jo