Sunday, December 30, 2012

Little Duckies

Plane tickets purchased.....check
Hotel booked....check
Travel money....check
Dog sitter....check
Gifts to bring....check
On and on....check

Yesterday I posted this Facebook status:  "spent all morning lining up my duckies."  You can often hear me saying that I like to have all my ducks in a row.  Clearly planning for an overseas trip qualifies for one of those times.  I thrive in organization and order.  Having a well laid out plan relieves stress.  However no matter how much I prepare I cannot shake this anxiety over leaving the kids for 2 weeks.  We have planned and prepared for a whole year to bring a child home.  We have stepped out in faith into the unknown.  God has done a great work in our hearts for a child we do not know and yet fear haunts me.

It is time for me to let it go.  God has chosen this time, these days for us to travel.  Even with all MY planning, HE has diligently been paving the way, directing our steps and taking the lead.  My days belong to him alone.  He has started this awesome work and He alone will complete it.

It is in Christ alone....that we have purpose
It is in Christ alone....that we find life and order
It is in Christ alone....that we are saved
It is in Christ alone....that we have peace
It is in Christ alone....

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