Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gotcha Day!

I do not know how to put into words the experience of today.  I expected our son to be full of emotion in leaving, but instead it was me who was barely containing her tears.  I have so much gratitude for the love Cathwel and the staff has shown to my son over the last 8 years.  I eagerly hugged the director Sister Rosa, who has a heart for both Jesus and the orphan.  She has such an opportunity to be salt and light to the staff and children.  Please pray that she embrace that chance with her whole heart not wasting even a minute to show them Jesus by her words and deeds.  Though the organization is Catholic we are told that religion is not pushed and I would dare say not encouraged either.  I believe this comes more from a cultural idea than anything.

The moment is finally here.  Staff members taking turns to hug "Walter" and get pictures all the while he has his eye on the door and our waiting car.  I wanted so badly for him to understand the finality of his good-bye, to take it serious and to be able to say thank you, but he just does not get it.  I wanted him to get it as much for the staff.  Imagine a child you have cared for since he was a baby is now leaving you.  I believe it would be so painful.  They are very happy for him, but so sad to see him go.  I cried for them today.  I cried for all that we have ahead of us.  I cried for the joy in my own heart.

God has been so good and so faithful and I know he will continue to bless us in the days ahead. 

Ps:  I am having problems downloading photos to blogger.  I promise to post as soon as we get home or you can message me and you can friend me on facebook.

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  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Toby! I understand your emotions, it is one that only a parent through adoption can understand...a day so filled with joy and sorrow, with hope and heartbreak...but it is a day of new beginnings...for you, for Toby, for the wonderful women that cared for him. Sending you all many prayers as your family forges ahead on your new adventure!