Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rough Start

Where to begin? Let's me start by saying that our first encounter was less than fantastic. He walked in the room, looked at us and proceeded to run around the room like a nut. Panic set in. He didn't seem to care we were there. Again panic. Doubt. Fear. It is going to be a daily struggle of reigning him in and setting boundaries. We did go out with the social worker to look for food and an... ATM and during that time he held on to Chris' hand. He is a little calmer now that we are settled in our apartment, but we can see he is going to push and push his limits. Please pray for our bonding and time with him. Pray for Chris and I to have patience and wisdom. We have to continue to trust God in all things.

Later that day..........................................

Thankfully the day DID get better! We took him out to the store to get some groceries and see a little more of the shops around. In the orphanage he still runs 'amuck, but he is proud to introduce us to the workers. The original plan was for him to interact with us a couple days and then maybe come and stay with us......well he is tucked in bed right across the hall from our bedroom with a full of his things! Several of his caregivers have given him gifts like toys, clothes and even the above mentioned suitcase.

It is frustrating see the transformation that happens in him when we leave here and then when those same inappropriate behaviors imeddiately return coming back in the doors. If tonight goes well we are going to see about heading to our hotel early. Please pray that the staff will be ok with this.

Nothing has gone as planned today and that is OK! God is good and his mercies are new every morning! From half way around the world we send our love!


  1. Praying your days continue to improve! Please keep updates and photos!

  2. Sorry about not putting up photos. Blogger is giving me fits when I try and upload them from my computer.

  3. To see photos you are welcome to friend me on Facebook at Ruth Rogers Robbins.