Thursday, February 7, 2013

And He Will Be Called...

There are several accounts in scripture when God chose to change someones name.  They were life changing events that brought radical change with impact on the Kingdom of God.  I would consider adoption fitting that criteria.  As parents we are given the privilege of naming our children.  As adoptive parents we are given the difficult choice of keeping, changing or modifying our new child's given name. 

We took the radical approach.  Our son has a given Taiwanese name that he came with that will remain  a nickname, but legally we will be giving him a new Christian name.  He is called comes from the name Tobias which means God is good!  We could not agree more with that. 

God blessed us with safe travels.  He provided meals through our church after our homecoming. He provided family to care for our other boys while we were away.  He gave Chris a job that allowed him the time off.  He gives me patience each day to handle the new challenges and sometimes less than appealing behaviors.  God provides resources in our area to learn sign language and forgives my pride in being tentative to ask for such help.  He promises that whatever tomorrow holds, decisions that need to be made or doctors to visit that if we are yoked to Him, He will make a way.  And for the days that all of that goodness does not "feel" like enough, there is grace and forgiveness.

As Toby begins to learn songs like "Jesus Loves Me," go to worship and listen to devotions all in a language that is new to him I pray that the Holy Spirit work in him understanding and faith.  I hope that Toby will one day give praise and say indeed God is good!
Waiting for lunch to cook.

Clinging tight to his suitcase and ready to go.

Giving hugs to his social workers at Jonah House on Gotcha Day.

Enjoying a rainy day with Daddy.

Fun at the National Musem of Taiwan.

Ruth and Chris at the Chaing Kai-shek Memorial.

Taipei 101

91st floor observation deck of Taipei 101.

Hanging out at Peace Park.

All smiles on this gorgous day.

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