Monday, December 16, 2013

Confession Time
My journal companion to working through the Made to Crave 21 day challenge and the book Made to Crave.
Breaking Free. A Journey to being truely satisfied. Day 1
Bible passage Psalm 139

God as I read the Psalm as my prayer to you I feel convicted rather than comforted by the awareness that you know my thoughts and every action.  Unlike family and friends I cannot hide my sins from you.  I cannot hide my secret desires and passions.  My shamefulness is ever before you and yet you stay.


How can you see all that I am and not want to leave me? Not only do you stay, but you protect and guide me still.  You make plans for me.  You knew all of this beforehand and still you formed me, brought me life and gave me purpose.  This truth is beyond my reason.  From the perspective of the world it doesn't add up, but again and again in scripture that is exactly what you promise! 

And here I am humbled by such love, but giving my affection to something else.  I turn to something you created rather than the Creator for my needs.  You made me to desire you.  You created me with an emptiness meant to be filled with You and I fill it with food.  I want more than awareness; I want to be changed by you and set free to live out all that you purposed me to be.  No matter how much this hurts right now and for the struggles that will come I choose today to honor you.  Help me God to turn my eyes and desires to you.   

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