Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I Bought the Lie. HOOK. LINE. AND SINKER.

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Breaking Free. A Journey to Being Truly Satisfied.
Day 3
Bible passages 1Peter 2:9, 1Peter 4:1-11

The truth is I have bought into the idea that my struggle with food isn’t that bad.  It doesn’t cause that big a division between me and God.  Food hasn’t created other problems in my life.  I have 4 small children, all boys.  Finances are tight and the days are busy.  Food is not my biggest issue.  It’s all a lie!  The truth is God has provided himself, in His son Jesus Christ, as a provider of all things needed in this life.  The truth is I need provision, support, peace, unconditional love and the list goes on.  Food will not satisfy even one of these needs, but I have believed the lie.  And one more thing, I was created for a greater purpose than to simply survive this life.  I was designed to hold fast to the truth of God’s word so that in this world I can live a life that brings honor and glory to my Lord.  He has given me everything I need to accomplish this, but I often choose much less useful and sometimes downright sinful means to just get through the day.

We all hold fast to things we believe to be true, but only God’s word can reveal what TRUTH is.  And unless we spend time in it we will never know that truth or the greater things we were created to do.
My journal companion to working through the Made to Crave 21 day challenge and the book Made to Crave.

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