Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2 Years Home and the Stages of Grief

A few weeks ago we made it to a big milestone and though we did not have a big celebration the passing of time has been strongly felt. Behavior struggles abound and talk of a life before are steady.  Then yesterday a school assignment brought on tears that lasted an hour.  Pleading to go home, yearning for Taiwan our son is finally grieving on the outside.  My attempts at comfort were of no use, but I stayed and sat beside him praying for healing to come to his little heart.

These Eyes

These eyes that stare back at me
Such pain and grief
Reflecting a life I did not know

These eyes hide loss I cannot imagine
Only empty words fill my mouth

I sit
I pray
I wait

These eyes I hope will one day look to the cross
For there you will find healing

Those eyes looked on you with love
Before I even knew your name
In His eyes there is peace

-ruth robbins

With love,

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