Across the back of my van I have a bumper sticker that reads:
My Daddy is in love with my teacher!
Our homeschool adventure has had a few bumps in the road, but I would not trade any of the madness.  I love having the kids home.  I love the freedom homeschool gives us.  I love being able to teach about Jesus and read from the Bible as part of our school day.  We even pray!  We are a radical bunch who struggle with being too socialized.  Many days are tempting not to do school to spend time in the yard, go see friends or just hang out at home, but usually we manage and we are blessed by it.
In the earliest years I used A Beka to teach phonics and math.  It is a little more formal with a lot of structure, but it gives a clear cut plan to teach your child to read.  If you do what it says it is hard to go wrong or screw it up. 
 As Ty was getting ready to enter 2nd grade both Mommy and student needed a break from structure and the worksheets.  I wanted to stick with a Christian curriculum, but with so many good ones out there it was hard to know where to turn.  A friend suggested Sonlight to me so I ordered a catalog cause I'm old fashioned like that and I browsed their website.  In bold plain letters they gave 27 reasons NOT to use Sonlight.  From that point on I was pretty much sold, that is after I read all the reasons.  It fit our family and how we envisioned school, plain and simple.  We are nearing the end of this "trial year" if you will and totally plan to use it next year.  Though I continued to use A Beka for math I am now looking at other options for next year.

Having a special needs child has added a complicated twist to the homeschooling.  It creates a dilemma for me as to whether or not to keep him home.  He is hard of hearing.  He wears hearing aids.  He is delayed.  I am not a qualified special ed teacher, BUT with the help of the school system I can partner with them in various ways.  Stayed tuned to see what happens.  It is yet a mystery to me, one we have bathed in prayer and trust in God's timing he will make the way clear.  For now we are working at a Kindergarten level, looking at the basics and pursing a Total Communication approach with the use of ASL and voice.  Toby and I are starting from the beginning learning ABC's, phonics, numbers and lots of other fun stuff.

The joy of Sonlight is that for Bible, History, Science and Readers all the kids sit in.  We snuggle on the couch and read till the cows come home!  The younger ones may not grasp all of it, but they get to be in on all the cool conversations and teaching moments.  The pictures keep them tuned in, when the material is out of reach.  On a side note it has really improved my oral reading skills.

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  1. Lol no joke! It totally improves your oral reading skills!